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4 Tips For Your Engagement Photography Session.

Thinking of having your couple photography or engagement sessions in Cairns! Fantastic, it’s one of the best ways of meeting your wedding photographer (after coffee and cake, of course, you should know that by now). But seriously, taking the time to really get to know you and your story should always be your wedding photographer's priority. But not only this, but it will also give you both a chance to be in front of the camera before you get married, which is going to make your wedding day's Bride & Groom session feel so smooth, seamless and comfortable.

Couple Photography

Make Your Engagement Session Personal.

One thing I often suggest is for couples to use this opportunity to do something, or go somewhere that is personal to them. Use this time to customise your shoot to reflect who you are as a couple and what you like to do together! Not only will your engagement shoot be more fun for you, but it will also be way more relaxed! The goal is for you to feel like you are on a date, having fun and laughing and I just happen to be there taking pics!

The Engagement Session's Location.

As a Cairns wedding photographer, I can definitely help you choose a location and Cairns has so many gorgeous backdrops I understand it is hard to choose one. I’m always happy to help, especially for those who are travelling in and don’t know the area :D

That being said, I always encourage couples to pick a location that is meaningful to their story. This is your chance to make your session personal to you. Where do you and your fiancé chill together in your free time, what do you like to do? Where did you first meet, have your first date, or get engaged? Ask yourselves these questions when thinking about a location for your engagement session in Cairns!

Pro tip: If we've settled on a location out in nature (i.e. rainforest, waterfalls, beach, etc.), be sure to come prepared for that specific location. If we're heading out in the forest, be sure to bring bug spray.

Location couple Photography

The Best Time For An Engagement Session.

As all photographers do, I LOVE natural light, especially that "Golden Hour", which is that special time of day we as wedding videographers and photographers go crazy for. When the sun is going down and nears the horizon dispersing a gentle light and creating that magic glow. We will begin your engagement session 90 minutes before the sunset. Remember, the sun sets much earlier during the winter months (only so slightly in Cairns) of the year and much later during the summer months, so make sure to factor that in when choosing your engagement session date, especially if you’re taking time off work or have evening plans afterwards.

Pro tip: Try to aim for a mid-week session, any locations you pick will have fewer people ;)

Wedding Couple

What To Wear For Your Engagement Session.

Wear something you feel awesome, elegant and beautiful in. If you really want to know, it does help the photos if you avoid distracting patterns or logos as it will take the focus away from you, but ultimately wear what you love and feel comfortable. Don’t stress too much over it - it’s your connection that matters the most! You don't have to match to the T but keeping everyone in the same colour palette is always good when possible.

Pro Tip: If you are planning on wearing heels bring a pair of flip-flops to wear when moving from place to place. Your feet will thank you later!

More Engagement Session Tips...

Schedule your wedding hair & makeup trial on the day of your engagement session.

Avoid clothes that might show bra straps or tags.

Have your ring cleaned!

Skip the spray tan.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful while planning your engagement session in Cairns, Port Douglas and Atherton. My goal is to always make every session as fun, personal and unique as the two of you! Get in touch now and book yours HERE!!


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