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5 Things Your Groom Will Enjoy planning.

Grooms want to be involved in wedding planning, but they aren’t sure how to help. The best thing you can do is give your future hubby a few ways he can contribute. There are plenty of things that could be delegated to him, such as hiring the entertainment or meeting with the caterer to choose the menu. Even small tasks make them feel important and needed, which is great for their confidence! Plus, it lets them get excited about something so special and gives them ownership over one aspect of your big day.

Simple Groom Wedding Planning Tips

The Wedding Rings.

For many men, this will be their first purchase of fine jewellery, so it's normal to feel a bit overwhelmed with all the options out there. However, there are some things that you can do to make the process easier and less stressful.

Describe to him the general idea of what you want. You don't need to get really specific, but give him some overall parameters. For example, modern versus a more traditional style, something simple or with lots of detail.

Does he know if you like yellow gold or white gold? If you trust him and his taste 100%, tell him he can pick them out himself!

It's also a great idea to look for wedding band styles that will coordinate with your engagement ring. You can also show him pictures of rings that you like. Pinterest is a great resource for this as there are tons of inspirational ring photos on there. Just create a secret “Wedding Rings” board and pin any photos that catch your eye!

The Wedding Ring: Groom Wedding Planning

The Wedding Cake.

The cake is a very symbolic part of the wedding and extremely important to me :D' The bride and groom cut the cake together, to symbolise that everything they have is shared. Then, they feed each other small pieces of cake, to symbolise nurturing and caring for each other. Finally, they smash cake into each other's faces as a display of

Which makes it all the more important to get it right! Before you start planning your wedding cake, there are a few things you need to know.

First, you'll want to think about how many people are going to be at your wedding (it would be an awful shame if there wasn't enough food for everyone, including your photographer). You'll also want to think about what kind of flavours you like best, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry? How much time do you have for decorating? Your local bakery can help advise you on what's possible within your timeline.

The Suits.

It's important to set a style that your groomsmen will be comfortable with. Whether it is a traditional black tuxedo, or a natty blazer and trousers combo, you need to make sure they all feel like themselves on the day.

The suit should also complement the bridesmaids' dresses, so plan ahead! If you get the suit first, let your bride know what colours you have chosen so she can pick her bridesmaids' dresses accordingly.

Don't forget about your own suit! I know it is rare for us men to be excited about shopping for clothes, but this is one occasion where we can let our inner peacock run wild. Wear whatever you love and make sure it fits perfectly!

Wedding Reception Décor: Groom Wedding Planning Task

The DIY Decor.

Your groom might not seem like the type to enjoy crafting, but once he gets into it, he’s sure to have fun. He loves you and wants your day to be as special as possible, so giving him a few tasks will show him how important this is to you. It’s also a great way for the two of you to collaborate on your wedding day plans.

You can draw inspiration from photos you find online or in magazines, and then design something completely unique together.

He will love building things with his own two hands just for the both of you and by working together, the two of you will have some unique memories that only ‘you’ made! Not only will this allow him to express himself creatively on your big day, but it can also save you some extra money.

The Car.

Now that you've chosen the perfect wedding transportation, it's time to think about how you can make your car feel a little more like yours. There are plenty of ways to give your special vehicle a personal touch, so be sure to include an hour or so in your wedding day itinerary for photos!

Don't forget that this is also the most romantic part of your big day! You and your new spouse will have lots of time together in the car during all that driving around. Make sure to steal some kisses when nobody is looking!

Your groom wants to be a part of the wedding fun.

Grooms don't usually care about planning details unless it involves time with you! Your groom doesn't need an itinerary for what will happen during every minute of your wedding weekend (trust me on this), but he would love the time spent with you without having to worry about guests or vendors interrupting your moment together! A little time spent together before the festivities begin can really help calm his nerves and get him pumped up for what's ahead: a lifetime of happiness with you!


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