8 Newborn Photography Tips for Photographing Your Baby’s First Year

The months seem to fly by as soon as you start your own little family. Every month the baby looks like a new person yet again, which means that parents have little time to enjoy each phase, let alone photograph them! To help you save time and ensure you have some beautiful photographs to remember this special time, we’ve curated a list of tips and tricks for photographing the first 12 months of your child’s life. At the end of the year, you’ll hardly believe that the baby in the first and last photos are the same!

1. Cute Size Comparison

This idea works really well in showing how much your baby has grown. The trick is to buy several of the same outfits but in various sizes and then photograph your baby every month. Alternatively, you could also buy an outfit for a 12-month-old and watch your baby grow into it.

2. Visualise the Growth with Numbers

This is a fun idea that is super popular amongst mums and dads on Instagram right now. The idea is to have your baby lay on a neutral background (even just your bed sheet will do!) and visually record your baby’s age. To do this, you could use flower petals and shape them into a number (i.e. 3 months), but the options are endless. You could lay a clock next to your baby and have the hand point to the number of months, for example.

3. Light Box

A lightbox is particularly suitable for recording a little more information than just the age of the baby in the photo. You can, for example, record their weight and size as well as memorable moments such as their first word. If your baby can already sit, then the opportunities are endless! Get creative with it and record information about your baby whilst creating beautiful photos to remember each stage of their first year of life.

4. Celebrate the Seasons

As your baby develops, grows, and changes throughout the course of the year, so too will the seasons! So why not make the most of it? In the first few months, newborn babies can have a hard time regulating their body temperature so you may not want to take them outside during the colder seasons. But you could certainly get creative by using outdoor “props” (such as fallen leaves in autumn) to create fun backdrops for your baby’s monthly photo shoot.

5. Says “Cheeeeese”

For the food lovers among us, this idea is for you! American photographer Dani Leigh Giannandrea photographed the monthly growth of her son Lorenzo using an empty pizza box and some pizza slices. Every month, she ordered another pizza and took a photo of Lorenzo next to the corresponding number of pizza slices. In the first month, Lorenzo was photographed with one slice, then two slices, until he was 12 months old and photographed

next to a whole pizza. Alternatively, you could also give this a go with slices of cake, pie… whatever you love to eat!

6. Baby Evolution

Everyone knows the famous evolutionary depiction of apes to humankind. Well, how about a cute reinterpretation of this? You could photograph the evolution of your baby from an immobile sleeper to an active crawler and then a curious walker.

7. Before and After

This one is an idea for pregnancy! During pregnancy, we love taking photos to show the development of our gorgeous bumps, but it can be hard to tell how big the baby actually is. So, grab a piece of fruit that represents the size of the baby and take a creative photo of the fruit next to your bump. Here are some examples of fruit you can use:

7 weeks: one blueberry

12 weeks: a passion fruit

16 weeks: an avocado

23 weeks: an eggplant

31 weeks: a coconut

36 weeks: a lettuce

39 weeks: a watermelon

8 Capture All the Little Details

Your baby’s little hands, fingers, feet, and toes will never be this small again! Naturally, we’re absolutely smitten with all these little details of our perfect little person and want to capture them as best as we can. One great way to show just how small they are is to take monthly photos of your hand against your baby’s. This way, you not only get an idea of how small they are, but you can also watch as they slowly grow bigger, little by little.

What about after the first year?

These tips aren’t just for the first 12 months. Many of them could also work well long afterwards because (unfortunately!) children never stop growing.

Last tip: If you want to take some family photographs (and include yourself in the photos too, of course!) then hiring a professional photographer is an excellent idea. A babysitter to help out on the day can be super helpful too.

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