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Hi, I'm Mehdi, just pronounced it like Medibank or Medicare!!

I grew up in France and Australia became home the day I met my wife Sally back in 2009!!


The family man in me thrives to capture and document the most meaningful fleeting moments. It has been a joy to experience, witness and immortalise some of the greatest moments in the lives of others.


If you feel any connection to my work, please say BONJOUR.  It would be an honour and privilege to tell a part of your story.


Best Wedding Photographer in Cairns, Australia




I LOVE GOD and am grateful every day to be doing the job I do.  As husband and father, my family will always come 1st in LIFE.

I fancy cakes and coffee a little bit too much, together preferably. My wife thinks I have (mild) OCD, but really I'm just a neat person, it does help with wedding day timelines.


Did I mention cakes? I will take that slice of cake on your wedding day if you insist!! #kiddingnotkidding


It was only the day I met my wife that I started to believe in LOVE at 1st sight. We strongly believe our story was written by GOD as Sally was in Melbourne for ONE day only and our paths crossed due to a last-minute birthday party venue change.


Our LIFE journey began, fast forward the ADVENTURE, 10-something years and here we are in beautiful tropical Cairns, happy as ever with our pride & joy, our baby boy JEREMY. 

This is my story, I want to hear and capture yours!!!

If you are looking for a wedding photographer or videographer in Cairns, Port Douglas, Palm Cove or Atherton, send me an email and let's see how I can capture your special day.

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