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Sally grew up here in Australia between Sydney & Cairns and I grew up in France. She is messy and I have OCD. I like cakes and she likes chips. Sally likes horse riding and I like to surf. I cook and she does the dishes. Sally LOVES cats, I don't (alright, maybe just a little). I like environmental portraits while she prefers intimate close ups. Sally likes zoom lenses, I prefer prime lenses. And the list goes on...We complete each other in life and in our photography.
It was only the day we met that I started to believe in LOVE at 1st sight. We strongly believe our story was written by GOD as Sally was in Melbourne for ONE day only and our paths crossed due to a last minute birthday party venue change. Our LIFE journey began when we met again in Sydney a few weeks later. Fast forward the ADVENTURE 10 years and here we are in beautiful tropical Cairns, happy as ever with our pride & joy, our baby boy JEREMY. 
This is our story, we want to hear and capture yours!!!
If you are looking for a Cairns wedding photographer or videographer, send us an email and see how we can capture your special day.