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3 TIPS to NOT forget on your wedding day!!

Wedding Couple 1st Look before wedding ceremony in Cairns

After months of planning that's it YOUR Cairns wedding, you realise that it is just around the corner. Countless hours of fun and not so fun making sure that everything will run smoothly. Without forgetting to make sure that everyone will have a good time at the biggest party you have ever thrown. Can end up making you feel overwhelmed and stressed on your day and miss the most important thing, it is YOUR day!!

I think it is often too easy to forget about yourself and your partner on the 1st day of your lives as husband and wife so I put together 3 easy things to keep in mind to make sure you will enjoy this day TOGETHER!!

Morning Notes.

Just before sleep or even better, first thing in the morning before the business of the day catch up to you, take 5 minutes and sit to write each other a sweet letter. It doesn't have to be long, just write down how you are feeling, what you are most looking forward to today and the things you love most about each other.

Not only does this help you to start off your day the right way, but it will help you preserve how you are feeling. Exchanging the notes later that day not only creates a sweet moment ( and great pics/video :D ) but also helps set the tone for your entire day!

Wedding Love Notes

Just The Two Of You.

Believe me when I say your wedding day will be gone before you know it! When you’re creating your timeline, consider adding in a few moments that just the two of you can share, a brief private moment to really slow down and savour the day as it unfolds. Whether it’s a First Look, a prayer before/after the ceremony, a champagne toast just the two of you after you say “I Do” in the car from the ceremony to the location shoot, or even eating dinner alone while your guests are being fed, there are so many options that can help you slow down and savour this special day.

I will always allow 10-15 mins before the reception for you to relax so if you haven't had the chance to take that special extra time, make sure to at least have that time together, the bridal party can wait outside the reception doors.

Spend time Together.

After the ceremony and during the reception, all of your guests are going to be approaching you to congratulate you and talk to you. It’s very easy to accidentally get pulled in different directions during this time. As much as you can, consider staying with each other as you greet everyone. You’ll experience more of your day together, and probably meet some new people that are important in your significant other’s life, the distant relatives of the family you just joined and didn't know up to now.

The last tip, ok that's 4 tips then, Don't Worry!!

Decide now that no matter what someone may say, how the flowers will look at the end of the day, how the weather turns out (tropical weather, remember), or whatever may happen, you WILL enjoy your wedding day.

Because even when something goes wrong (and there is a high chance that something will not go as planned!) focusing on all the little things that make your wedding day (like starting a life journey with your best friend!) helps ensure that YOUR wedding will be one full of memories that you’ll cherish TOGETHER!


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