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5 Tips for your getting ready Wedding Photo & Film

After months or years of planning the BIG day is finally here!!

For some, the 1st hours of that special day might not be as important as the ceremony and it might feel unnecessary to have any pictures of yourself getting ready. But I truly think that getting ready photos are just as important as any other part of the day!! Documenting that time of you surrounded by your closest friends and family is a moment you will want to remember and cherish for generations. But it is also essential to tell the complete story of your day. As a storyteller, my goal is to capture the story of your day, and every story has a beginning!!

I compiled in this blog some tips and suggestions for your getting ready time to help you get amazing shots for your wedding photography and videography.

The Room

No matter where you get ready, whether it will be at home or in a hotel room, I will take beautiful photos but if you want that wow factor I recommend taking the time to find the perfect getting ready space. Look for the biggest room with the BIGGEST windows for you and all your bridesmaid to get ready in. Natural light is the best for pictures and that’s definitely the case on wedding mornings in dark hotel rooms. Do not worry, no matter the room, we can always transform it to perfect the lighting, trust your professional wedding photographer and videographer, they'll know how to make it work!!

Cairns Wedding Photographer


While keeping the place tidy may be the furthest thing from your mind, doing so will ensure that you get the very best from your wedding photos. Busy backgrounds will take the focus away from you. If you are getting ready in a hotel room, the day you check-in, hide away all of the usual hotel things (notepads, pens, brochures, etc).

Try to keep all the food and drinks to a designated area away from where you’re getting ready.

If you’re getting ready at home, tuck away anything that’s non-wedding related. Try to at least keep the area by the largest window tidy and free of clutter. It is always a good idea to allocate one room to keep all the clutter in ;)

Your details

Have all the wedding details ready. I'm referring to your shoes, jewellery, bouquet and any other elements/family heirloom you would like to be featured. Don’t forget to remove the tags ahead of time and earings out of their box/holder. That way I can be efficient with my time capturing these special items and I'll know exactly what you want photos of.

I always think the dress looks best on you but if you’d like a photo of it hanging, I recommend having it on a good looking hanger like a classic wood hanger or a custom made one for the day!!

Cairns Wedding Photography


Ask the makeup artist to have you almost ready for your photographer/videographer arrival. This way you will be picture/film ready and have time for it without the stress of being on schedule. I would recommend doing hair first, then makeup. I also suggest you go last or second to last, that way you and your bridesmaids are ready for those cute matching robes pics. And believe me, the more time you have to get ready the better. It is better to have extra time than being stressed out trying to rush to get into your dress for photos and in time for the ceremony. I read somewhere than around 80 % of weddings end up behind schedule before hair and makeup finishes.

Your photographer/videographer should work closely with you on a timeline for photos/videos and will most likely request that you’re ready to get into your dress at a certain time. Allow an hour to get into the dress before you leave. I know what you’re thinking, you don't need an hour to get into your dress. Trust me, when hair and makeup are finished, there is still plenty to do. This hour will prevent you from feeling rushed and allow you to take some pictures in your dress with mom, dad and your bridesmaids. Everyone else should be dressed before you put on your dress.

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Do we forget someone?

The guys are generally getting ready in under an hour but like I said it’s so important to get all details of your story!! The time the groom spends with his mates is always a fun time to remember, heading to the bar for a drink, playing pool etc... Everything about light and clutter applies to them as well. And the same for the details such as cuff links, watch, tie etc... Gentleman, you’re an important part of the day so I want to capture you getting ready as well. I want to capture photos of the best man helping the groom with his tie or father and son sharing a drink.

Port Douglas Wedding Photography

Notes & Gifts

If you are having Bride & Bridesmaid gift, wait for me to be there to open them up. Great candid opportunity. The same goes with Bride & Groom gift, wait for me to be here to open them up :D

Some couples will also leave each other a special note for their partner to read in the morning. If you do so please wait for me to be around, those moment makes such wonderful memories, especially on video ;)

Last but not least, HAVE FUN!! Enjoy your special day without stressing about the small details :D

I really hope this list will help you with your wedding photography and videography in Cairns to Port Douglas or Palm Cove. As a wedding photographer and videographer, I am always happy to help so do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have HERE.

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