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5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Romantic Beach Wedding

Every day, couples are looking for new and exciting ways to celebrate their love and commitment to each other. Deciding on the right location for your wedding ceremony and planning a beach wedding might seem a difficult task at first but there are a few tips that couples can follow to have a romantic ceremony on the beach without hassle. Keep reading to find out our top 5 reasons why we think you should turn your big day into a beach wedding in Cairns or Port Douglas or one of the many more all around Australia.

Romantic Beach Wedding setting

1. Beach Wedding aka Holiday Beach Party.

Planning a beach-themed event like this is very much like planning a backyard party for guests of all ages. If you are planning to get married by the beach or maybe renew your wedding vows, there are many ways for couples to have a memorable and romantic wedding at the beach here in Cairns, Port Douglas, Palm Cove or anywhere in Australia.

The best part is that all the details can be provided by the wedding planners. The style of your wedding should reflect how you are feeling, and this is especially true for your ocean wedding.

Getting married by the ocean is a unique way to not only tie the knot but also to create memories that will last a lifetime for you and all your loved ones.

2. Unique Wedding Idea.

It is important to consider how you want the wedding to feel while you are deciding on your wedding venue.

A beach wedding is a preferred option for those who live in the city and want to have a unique wedding. A beach wedding will definitely be different from a traditional church or town hall wedding as the ceremony will be at the beach and nothing beats that.

As a Cairns wedding photographer, I am very familiar with all the beaches in Cairns, Port Douglas. Palm Cove and I can capture your unique idea of a wedding for lifetime memories.

3. Tremendous Decoration Set-Ups.

There’s something about beach weddings that makes them so much more romantic, dreamy, and elegant than traditional indoor weddings.

The natural surrounding, the soft light of sunset, the weathered old barn or beach house. All the brilliant details, from the hand-carved sand ceremony to the wooden boardwalk ceremony and even bohemian florals in large glass vases, set the perfect tone for a magical wedding day.

With a bit of creativity and imagination, a beach wedding can be made just as spectacular as any other type of indoor wedding. So get inspired and start that mood board and plan YOUR beautiful beach wedding.

4. The Perfect Intimate Wedding Location.

Choosing the right beach wedding venue can be a bit tricky, so you must consider the size of the guest list, will it be an intimate affair or will +100 of your closest ones make the trip?

If you are going for a small intimate wedding then you should consider having your beach wedding at a beach house or just renting a few suits at a beach resort or boutique hotel for you and your wedding guests.

The bigger the beach house, the bigger the guest list. This will make you organise the wedding in a better way.

5. A More Relax Wedding Attire.

The beach is one of the most beautiful and romantic locations for a wedding. With the warm sun, beautiful blue sky, and pure white sand, it’s easy to let your personality shine.

Beach weddings can be very simple or they can be elaborate, depending on the theme you choose. If you want a simple beach wedding, then you can go with the flow and embrace a more simple beach wedding dress but still gorgeous.

When it comes to beach wedding clothing, lace and tulle are typically a bridal favourite, the soft feel of the fabrics allows for added comfort during the walk down the aisle and it’s optimal for warm weather too.

If you want more of an elaborate look, then the lace bridal gowns, floral crowns and lace bridesmaid dresses are perfect for your beach wedding.

Every beach wedding is unique and the dress you choose should reflect your desired look, your personality and your plans. Check our wedding dress checklist.


One of the most romantic places to have a wedding is on the beach. Weddings on the beach are so unique and beautiful. A beach is always a gorgeous place to be at any given time of the day, the waves crashing and the shells rolling would definitely make the perfect background for your wedding. There are so many options for couples who want to incorporate different elements into their wedding day. It's beautiful and offers you a breathtaking background for your wedding photos.

A beach wedding can also be a lot of work if you are on a smaller budget but there are definitely ways to make your wedding day more affordable. Check out our post on how to save on your wedding budget.

Beach weddings can be all about the location and setting, just as much as the dress. A minimalist philosophy is adaptable to a beach wedding because it doesn’t need to be dressed up with flowers or expensive accessories. It just needs a beautiful seafront setting and you. Forget about the stress. All you need is a beautiful beach, great company, and some music to set the mood.

So if you’re looking for a creative wedding photographer for your candid wedding photography in Cairns, Palm Cove, Port Douglas, Atherton, and Tasmania. Browse our work at Tulieve Photography.


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