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How To Choose Your Wedding Venue

Once you have announced your engagement, the next step is to find a venue and set a date, but where to start when there are so many options presented to you?

Finding the right place that will host your biggest party ever can be seriously tricky.

Trust me, my wife and I have been there and to add to it we decided to have a destination wedding in Malaysia!! I break down in this blog everything you need to know to choose YOUR perfect Cairns Wedding Venue.

Laloli Garden Wedding Venue

General Location

Well, first and foremost, decide where the BIG day will be. Traditionally the bride’s hometown or where her parents live was THE location where the festivities would occur. Nowadays you are more likely to choose a venue close to where you live or a destination that’s close to your history. Wherever the location you choose, you’ll need to consider if it is a reasonable travel distance for your friends and family.


When planning your special day, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is how much you can realistically spend on your dream wedding. Your budget will ultimately dictate your choice of venue to some degree. It can help to decide where you would like to spend the most, on the food or on the venue itself?

Reach out

Once you’ve narrowed down a list of venues according to your budget and location, send each one a message expressing your interest and asking a few questions. This initial communication can be also helpful in determining if a venue’s staff is responsive and helpful. Receiving a friendly email within a relatively short time frame is an encouraging sign.


Every venue has a number of guests that it can comfortably hold. This number is usually not flexible, so make sure it can hold your final guest count!!

Cairns Wedding Venues


Either you have a wedding date set, or you are a bit more flexible. One of the first steps of how to choose a wedding venue is to narrow down a few dates that you know will work for you, your partner, and your closest loved ones.


Your venue is the main ingredient of the atmosphere of your wedding day. Do you prefer to build your theme around the venue? Or do you have a theme in mind? If it is the latest it’s important to find a venue that fits your vision. Make it YOUR day and make sure the venue you choose offers you the flexibility you need to make it completely personal.


Since weather can be unpredictable here in the tropics, it's crucial to have a plan B for an outdoor wedding. Before booking, ask what the plan is and walk through it with them. Make sure that you like the backup spaces in the event of rainy times; if you don't, then you may want to consider another venue.


It is an important factor for you to ask if you'll have exclusive use of the venue. It's important to know how many functions they'll have going on at once. The privacy factor differs for every space.


Chances are you’ll be viewing a few different venues before choosing "the one". To avoid them all becoming one big blur, I’d suggest taking photos at the viewing to remember all the unique and beautiful elements of each venue. If you are using the in-house catering of the venue, make sure to have a little tasting too.


When you and your fiancé have agreed on your THE venue, check the contract. It can be easy to breeze through a contract and just sign it without much thought, a venue contract is definitely worth a close read. Don’t be afraid to ask the venue coordinator about any portions of the contract that are a little bit confusing. When you feel comfortable with all aspects of your venue contract, sign it, return the paperwork to the venue, and open a bottle!!

You’ve officially SAVED THE DATE and made one of the most important decisions you’ll make during your wedding planning process.

Getting married in Far North Queensland, from Cairns to Port Douglas, Atherton Tablelands, Mission Beach, or Palm Cove? As a wedding photographer and videographer based in Cairns, I am always happy to help so do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have.


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