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Not sure what to do with those Engagement Photos, have a wedding website!!

You might have read me mentioning in my previous blogs how convenient wedding websites can be. They are great to keep all the information about your wedding in one place for everyone to access at any time. There are so many reasons why wedding websites are an essential planning tool for many brides. And let's face it, pretty much everything is online these days, there is never a moment we are not "connected", including kids and grandparents. Each wedding website can be as unique as you, they are customised to reflect you and your partner!! I'm not sure if it is because of my OCD but I love WEB designing, so you probably guessed it by now, I'm totally PRO wedding website, here are 5 reasons why you should have a wedding website:

Romantic Couples Photography Shoot in the Rainforest
Cairns Engagement Photographer

Stay Organised As I mentioned before, wedding planning is seriously hard work. Feeling disorganised and distracted while trying to plan the biggest party of your life is entirely normal. Sure, wedding websites are cool and fun to design, but what they are really designed for is organisation!! Add the countdown to the BIG day for your guests. Keep a record of any dietary requirements. And that just to name a few.

RSVP tracking made easy We don't use the mail as we used to, list your website URL on your invites to boost your response time. You can also easily track your RSVP at any time, literally at the tip of your finger. And it is so much easier to tell your guests to just log onto your website and check a box if they’re coming rather than having to send something in the mail. Gift registries People also LOVE having your registry at their fingertips. With so many unique registry options out there today, it’s never been easier to point, click, and buy wedding gifts for a couple’s registry and have it shipped to their door. A wedding website allows you to make a note of what has been organised without seeming rude or pushy. And if you’ve decided you don’t want presents, you can outline this on your wedding website to tell your guests if you are having a wishing well or would prefer donations to a charity and when and how they can contribute. Set the tone and theme Your wedding website is just like a little sneak peek of the day and how YOU envision your BIG day!! You can customise your wedding website to reflect the theme of your sedding to give your guests a glimpse of what to expect. Most wedding websites will have a selection of different templates to choose from in a range of designs and colours. Share your story as a couple, telling people who you are and the relationship between you and your partner can help create a connection with those guests that you may not know as well as your bridesmaid. And the perfect place to use those awesome Engagement photos you just had ;) Make it unique and totally personal, just like your relationship.

Couple in love hugging by the beach near rocks.
Palm Cove Engagement Photography

The Info that doesn't fit A wedding website will make it easy for your guests to access all the wedding details. And you will be able to fit on your website a lot more details than you could on paper. Just to name a few : Directions - tell your guests all the places they need to know and where to go: rehearsal, ceremony, reception, after-party, or recovery breakfast using online maps and links. Accommodation - especially for destination weddings, your guests will appreciate some recommendations on where is a great place to stay or special deals you may have already arranged. Dress Code - are you having a black-tie affair or a more relaxed vibe with a beach wedding? Your wedding website is a good place to let your guests know. FAQ page - you can also include it on your website even if you already got it on your invites, you know, in case they get lost. And that is why I would get a wedding website if I was getting married this year. And it is Eco-Friendly ;) But this is just my opinion, it is YOUR wedding and your planning. But if you think it might help you even just a little in the process of planning your BIG day then go for it, you will easily find some free hosting website that will offer you all the basics mentioned above. You can also ask me for more details about it and I will gladly help you out with it!!

Getting married in Far North Queensland, from Cairns to Port Douglas, Atherton Tablelands, Mission Beach, or Palm Cove? As a wedding photographer and videographer based in Cairns, I am always happy to help so do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have.


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