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Tips for Walking Down the Aisle on Your Wedding Day

Your big day will be all about the union of you and your partner, but one of the most anticipated moments on your wedding day is generally your walk down the aisle.

It’s the first time your guests and traditionally your husband-to-be will see you in your wedding dress. The last thing you want is to rush down the aisle, even if you want to.

I gather a few tips for working down the aisle with confidence and ensuring you get the best photographs of that precious time.

Father and Bride walking down the Aisle at a Rustic Wedding Venue in Cairns

Before the day.

Practice walking in your dress and in the shoes you are going to wear. If the ceremony is taking place on the beach, make sure you practice walking on the sand, as heels can be challenging on the sand. it's definitely worth practising how you will sit down, stand, and go upstairs in your wedding dress.

Be sure to practice your walk in time with the music you plan to have played on the big day. Bridesmaids should practice too, most will be nervous as well. So tell them to take their time but most importantly, leave a nice big gap between each other. If they rush up and walk too close to each other it can be really difficult to get a clear shot of them.

And if you have flower girls and ring bearers under 5, don't worry about what they'll do. Kids are kids and always unpredictable, don't stress about it, it makes for great memories!

Two Flower Girls Walking down the Aisle in Alamanda Palm Cove Wedding Venue.

Minutes before.

Check and fix your makeup if necessary. I'm sure your makeup artist will have an incredible job but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to do a few last-minute touch-ups before walking down the aisle.

Have a few sips of water before you get out there so that you won’t be thirsty during the ceremony, especially during your wedding vows.

Use the bathroom before you head to the ceremony, you won't really have time to sneak out during the ceremony. ;)

The walk.

Relax your body, loosen up your arms, keep your shoulders back, straighten your back, keep your chin up, and take a deep breath before beginning your walk.

Hold your bouquet low in front of your belly button, it might feel unnatural at first but holding your bouquet lower will make your arms and torso look better. You will know you hold your bouquet low enough when your arms are bent in a diamond shape in front of your body.

Have your escort lock arms with you, since you'll already be in position with your bouquet, ask whoever is walking you down the aisle to hook their arms into yours.

The jitters of the day can easily make you walk faster than you think you are. Walk (almost) as you'd normally walk, just 20% slower.

Acknowledge your guests, it may help to calm your nerves to stare directly forward and avoid all eye contact with your guests, but it will look and feels awkward in your photos and film. That being said, your groom should be your main focus!!

Smile and enjoy yourself as you walk down the aisle. Everyone who is there to support you and celebrate your love knows that you’re happy they came and there’s nowhere else they’d rather be.

Walking Down the Aisle in Laloli Garden Cairns Ceremony Garden Venue

Ultimately, it is YOUR wedding and your walk! You don’t have to follow tips or rules to walk down the aisle at your wedding, forget the great posture, hold your flowers at the right height, walk-in time with the music, and your dress perfectly stretches out behind you. Just be yourself, have fun and live in the moment :)

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