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Wedding Budget, how to set it!!

Cairns Wedding Car

That's it, you told everyone and changed your Facebook status from "in a relationship" to "Engaged". It is now time to have the talk!! Making your wedding budget is generally one of the 1st things on any wedding planner's checklist. Not the fun part I know but it has to be done before you can start looking at wedding venues, photographers, the perfect dress, honeymoon destination etc...

It was a time when the bride's parents would pick up the whole wedding bill, but not anymore. So sit down with your parents or other family members that would love to be involved, maybe your favourite aunt really wants to buy/make the dress for you. Nowadays it is very normal for couples to pay for everything on their own. Knowing from the very beginning who will be helping you financially is a very important 1st step to making your wedding budget.

Whether you are lucky enough to have your parents helping you out or not with the wedding bills, you now know how much assistance you have and can determine how much will come out of your own pockets. Which will bring you to the next question, how deep are your pockets? How much can you really spend without it making you uncomfortable in the future? Think about all the real-life expenses you have and will still have after your wedding. How much can you save until the BIG day? Do you have a saving account that you can dip into comfortably?

The hard part is done, you should now have an approximate realistic number for your wedding budget!!

We'll talk about wedding costs and how to save later. But please keep in mind that a lot of people find out that their dream wedding is out of budget. It's OK if that's the case, you still can and will have the perfect wedding if you are ready to prioritise your allocated budget on the things that really matters to you.

Getting married in Cairns to Port Douglas, Atherton Tablelands, Mission Beach or Palm Cove? As a Cairns wedding photographer and videographer I am always happy to help so do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have if you are thinking about having your destination wedding here in Far North Queensland.


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