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Ultimate Wedding Guide for Groom's Outfit

Groom's Wedding Suit Guide | Tulieve Photography

While all eyes turn to the bride, the groom gets his fair share of attention so finding your groom’s style is just as important.

The biggest challenge is that most men often don’t consider the type of outfit they want until they walk into the shop.

But where to start? No worries it can be done with very little stress.

Find below my little groom’s wedding guide for the big day for the perfect wedding outfit.

When should you start looking?

If you are going the tailormade road at a busy place and during the wedding season, it is always better to keep in mind that you might not get an appointment on the date you want. So keep your options open and start early, but you will generally wait for the bridesmaids’ dresses to have been selected, and only then should you start the process of choosing your wedding attire. This step should usually happen no later than three to four months before the wedding.

Wedding suit styles.

Most weddings these days are semi-formal, especially true for destination weddings in Tropical Far North Queensland so I will assume that you are opting for a suit and not a tuxedo. Naturally, there are many variations on what is expected at each wedding in Cairns, Port Douglas or Atherton, one thing you can be sure of is that your suit has to be a great one!!

Your attire should be appropriate for your venue and match the overall vibe of your Port Douglas wedding venue. If your wedding ceremony is on the beach, garden, or even in the middle of the rainforest you can definitely wear something a bit more casual, maybe even drop the jacket.

While you may not know exactly what your partner is wearing, you'll want to be sure your styles work together. So talk to each other about the options but more about the no-go.

For most of Cairns Wedding, you will be looking at Spring-Summer wedding suits. Luckily there are plenty of choices for warm-weather wedding suits. A light wool two-piece suit, perhaps a blend of silk, is a fine choice for a wedding in Port Douglas or Cairns. Cotton and linen suits are also a fantastic option, they look chic yet are very comfortable. They are ultra-lightweight, in other words, perfect for Destination Wedding in Palm Cove.

Spring-Summer Cairns Wedding Suits

The fit must be perfect.

Even the most expensive tux on the rack will look and feel awful if it doesn’t fit right. You should be able to move around easily and raise your arm to make sure there’s plenty of mobility.

The key to looking sharp is dressing for your body type. If you're tall and slim, then don't worry most suits will look good on you. If you feel like you need to add bulk, try a double-breasted suit, which will make you look broader.

If you are like me and eat too much cake, you can slim down the cut with a fitted suit with a little bit of a nip in the waist to give the impression of a leaner silhouette.

And to add some height, go for a two­ or three­-button jacket with a low ­button stance.

Coordinate with your groomsmen.

Traditionally, the groomsmen wear attire that's the same or similar to the groom, but it's up to you. Even if you aren't planning for all the men in your wedding party to wear the exact same suit it's important that their outfits match in style and feel with yours. Matching doesn't just end with the guys either if the bridesmaids are rocking a vintage vibe, the guys can don retro three-piece suits.

Now that everyone is matching and coordinated, it's time to pick your extras. To achieve a totally unique look, it's all in the details. So stay tuned for the upcoming wedding planning blog post on the groom's wedding details!!


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