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How to choose your wedding theme

Before you start buying any decorations and dive too deeply into wedding planning you’ll need to settle on your wedding theme. Picking out a wedding theme can be one of the most tricky and indecisive things when planning YOUR day but don't forget that your Wedding theme is what YOU and YOUR partner want your wedding to look and feel like!!

YOUR must-haves

Pick a night, open a bottle or brew your favourite tea and sit down with your partner. When planning your wedding, your partner might not be involved with every decision but after the cake, I think it is important for you and your partner to both agree on the theme of the day. Brainstorm ideas based on your common interests. Write down words that you think define you as a couple on a piece of paper each and then cross-reference. Repeat the process for all the must-haves, to stir you in the right direction.

The Season

Now that you decided on the cake or the doughnuts wall :D If you are having your wedding in Cairns you can probably skip this ;)

Think about the time of the year to guide you in your choice of wedding theme. Garden weddings are particularly great during the blooming season and the Spring pastel palettes work well. If you are not in a Tropical environment, summer weddings will often invite you to celebrate outside with bright and fun colours, while winter weddings call for a more homey vibe and jewel-toned colour scheme. Use the date you’ve picked as a starting point.

YOUR Style

Looking through Pinterest is fun and hours can pass before you realise it but when it comes down to find YOUR wedding style, your home is the best inspiration. Check your wardrobe, what are your favourite clothes, not the one you like to spend Sundays watching Netflix on the couch, the other ones ;) How would describe your fashion style, Chic, Casual, Bohemian, Vintage, Artsy etc...

Wedding Venue

If you haven't yet, I suggest you read our blog on how to choose your wedding venue and lock your venue 1st thing 1st. Then use the location to inspire the rest of your wedding, each venue has its own unique vibe and it is always best to make sure your theme pair well with it. Or you could do the opposite, choose your wedding style 1st and then find a venue that will make the perfect location for your dream wedding!!

Some of the most popular Cairns Wedding Styles are:

Bohemian wedding

Think flower crowns, plaited hairstyles and flowing, beaded dresses. For the décor, a bohemian chic wedding will include all-natural elements. Perhaps a garden ceremony wedding, including wildflowers, dream catchers, majestic candles and fairy lights.

Rustic weddings

A rustic wedding has a beautiful and simplistic tone. A colour palette of browns, greens and whites, as well as the addition of majestical lights, will make your day truly special. Think strands of delicate fairy lights, wooden ornaments and furniture.

Beach weddings

A beach wedding can create a relaxed environment in an al-fresco setting. Take advantage of the beauty of a tropical beach and get married by the sea. Enjoy bare feet by the sand, flowing white materials around a wooden canopy archway, simple, bohemian style bridesmaid dresses and pastel colours. Once the sun goes down, employ lanterns by the water and fairy lights to create a bridal glow and romantic atmosphere.

Getting married in Far North Queensland, from Cairns to Port Douglas, Atherton Tablelands, Mission Beach, or Palm Cove? As a wedding photographer and videographer based in Cairns, I am always happy to help so do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have.


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